Naam Phrik Phao Jam

This morning, we awoke to a fridge with only one piece of cheese left for breakfast. And being the “sacrificial” wife I’m always am, I volunteered to eat my bread with naam phrik phao. (In my earlier post, I mentioned that some people like to eat naam phrik phao as jam, so I was really curious about the taste. Chilli on bread?)

I popped two pieces of bread into the toaster, then slathered a thin layer of chilli jam on top of one piece. I was still a bit skeptical, so I didn’t dare to apply a thick layer lest it wasn’t to my liking. I bit onto my toast and the now-I-know-why feeling immediately flashed in my mind. It was really delicious, with a hint of spice and saltiness, and which balanced very well with a slightly crunchy toast.

“Hey, you should try this!” I exclaimed to Mr. P, unable to contain my excitement and eager to share my food discovery. “It’s really nice!”

Mr. P took my half-eaten toast and bit into it. Two seconds later, his face lit up. “Mmm, it’s yummy,” he said.

I snatched my one-bite-lesser toast back and finished the rest, savouring every morsel. For my second piece of toast, it was generously heaped with naam phrik phao. I swear naam phrik phao is going to be my regular breakfast item from now on. Oh, maybe I should try using sambal chilli as my jam too!

4 thoughts on “Naam Phrik Phao Jam

  1. Okay, this friday is payday and so I’m going to stock up some materials at the asian supermarket. Will definitely hunt this down. Hopefully it isn’t very spicy? (well considering I take kimchi soups in the morning I suppose it will be fine.)

    • Yes, you should certainly try this out! Well, I guess whether it’s spicy or not depends on your tolerance level. But we’re Singaporeans leh; if it’s okay for me, I’m sure you can handle naam phrik phao too. 😀

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