Flower Bud Wontons

When I was young, my mum loved to assign me the task of folding wontons while she busied herself with other stuffs in the kitchen. “Go watch TV while you fold the wontons,” she would often instruct, “just fold them into triangles.” Since then wonton soup has become my no. 1 dish—it was the first dish I cooked for Mr. P—and I’ve been folding wontons into triangles just like how my mum had taught me. I never thought to adopt other methods (that just shows how uncreative I am) until I chanced upon a dumpling recipe in a cookbook recently. The author showed different ways of folding wontons and I was inspired to try them.

Last weekend, while folding the wontons, I decided to fold one triangular wonton in addition to my new collection of flower buds. While styling them for shots, I thought that the flower bud wontons looked like imperial Chinese subjects (think “参见皇上”), so I arranged them in rows to make them appear to pay respects to the ’emperor’, the sole triangular wonton. Thinking I was smart and quirky, I shared my thought with Mr. P. And he replied, “Are they praying to a dead emperor?”

Sometimes, husbands say the darndest thing.

4 thoughts on “Flower Bud Wontons

  1. haha! That’s what all our mums make us do. “Go wrap the wontons while watching tv!” I still make them in triangles and eat a lot of at one go in a chicken broth. I’ve actually tried using turkey mince available here once ina while. =]

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