Picnic at Suan Luang Ror 9

I don’t know why I wasn’t really into picnicking when I was still in Singapore, where there are several lovely parks and ample greenery. But picnicking has definitely become a favorite activity of mine since I started living in Bangkok. (Seriously, Bangkok? With all the population and traffic jams and lack of green spaces?) Perhaps it’s the ease of doing an impromptu picnic in the city: Many parks offer mats for rent and there are always some street food carts fringing the parks peddling bite-size snacks.

After several non-picnicking months, we finally made it to Suan Luang Ror 9 (Rama XI Park) last weekend. It’s our favourite park in Bangkok because it’s sprawling (largest park in the capital), the flower beds and landscaping are well-maintained (this park was built in 1987 to commemorate King Bhumibol’s 60th birthday) and it’s one place where few of the hi-so set frequent—they of course prefer hanging out at hip, air-conditioned malls downtown. And best of all, we love being outdoors (but in the shade) surrounded by natural air and sunshine.

I initially wanted to cook chai tow kway for the picnic but laziness got the better of me so in the end there’s only a salad, which I quickly put together, and our favourite picnic food, kai yang, bought at the market near our place, together with a half-eaten bag of chips and bottled drinks.

Our picnic spot was by the reservoir in the middle of the park, where we could also see the iconic pavilion with the spiral tip and the boaters paddling the ‘swans’ and ‘ducks’.

While perching on our mat, I spotted this insect. This creature had a lobster-like shell with thick, long feelers adorned with two black fluffy balls. And it was rather big, with a body measuring approximately two inches long. Beautiful in a rather hideous way, I’d say. (I’m still curious as to what this insect is; is there any budding entomologist out there who can identify it?)
And then there was also a hia (monitor lizard), which in Thai is a derogatory term to describe people with lousy characters. Use it sparingly although I hear it from Thais around me very, very often. Haha. We also spotted a beautiful crane stock egret, pacing up and down the bank. It had terribly skinny legs.
We brought along our new watercolour set along to try out the colours. As an interior designer, Mr. P used to draw and sketch a lot during his university days but he seldom picks up a paintbrush nowadays. His drawing turned out quite well, but he didn’t allow me to display it anywhere because he claimed it wasn’t up to his designer standards. *rolls eyes*
As for the artist-wannabe me, I saw a discarded apple lying on the grass and decided to sketch it. However I’m still not very good at getting the correct tones, so my drawing looked and felt rather different from the actual scene. Practice more!

4 thoughts on “Picnic at Suan Luang Ror 9

  1. I am also wondering why Singaporeans don’t seem to do picnic nowadays. Hopefully I could persuade my friends to join me when I go back. I’m not sure if the excuse was the weather is too hot? might rain? no where green to go? or too troublesome might as well eat out with air-con? We are all so pampered after all these years!

    • I guess most Singaporeans are just very used to hanging out in air-conditioned places and dislike the inconvenience? We should really hang out in the outdoors more often! 😀

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