Yoghurt Culture

Mr. P used to call yoghurt “sissy food” because he claimed only girls like to eat this dairy food. But he’s now a yoghurt convert—how can he not be when he’s living with a yoghurt lover? ^^ For me, Thai lunches are sometimes not satisfying (I mean, portion-wise) so I usually down yoghurt as a healthy post-lunch snack to fill up the space in the tummy. At home I love stocking yoghurt in the fridge so there’s always something to eat when my hunger pangs strike. Last weekend, on the spur of the moment, I took a few mint leaves to garnish my cup of yoghurt, which made a pretty set-up and a good photo opportunity.

Yoghurt or yogurt?
Once again, it boils down to British and Americanised spelling, with the former favouring yoghurt and the latter favouring yogurt. In Turkey, where yoghurt originated, it’s spelled as yogurt; Turkish words with ‘g’ are traditionally adapted into English as ‘gh’, and hence yoghurt. To find out more, read “Is yoghurt becoming less cultured than yogurt?”

3 thoughts on “Yoghurt Culture

    • Really? How to you make cheese out of yoghurt? I read that some people make their own yoghurt at home too. And yoghurt in Scotland is spelled with the ‘h’, right? 😀

      • I just checked on the supermarket websites. It’s spelt Yogurt. =x
        Yogurt making containers (like a thermos) are available. It’s called EasiYo from New Zealand and you can search for it to see if it can be delivered/bought in SG/Thailand. I think in the long run it works out more worth it to make your own. Some people have commented it taste much better too. Especially if you can source organic milk without additives. This article from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shows you how easy to make your own yoghurt. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/may/03/foodanddrink.recipes2

        The cheese part is easy, A pinch of salt or up to1 teaspoon of salt to 500ml of yoghurt, stir, strain over muslin cloth overnight in the fridge. =D I haven’t tried it yet but I am going to save them for breakfast with oatcakes.

        Hmmm I might actually try it myself too! then it will be my own yoghurt, my own yoghurt cheese. Fun! Right I shall repost this on my site.

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