Food is Art

It’s been a bit quiet on this space, but in fact I’ve been cooking more than ever—it’s just that I need the time and inspiration to pen down the yummy stuff. For the past two weekends, Mr. P and I were busy working on our project to spruce up the apartment with our self-drawn acrylic paintings. We originally wanted to purchase paintings from Jatujak Market but after looking at the works—and price tags—we were rather reluctant to part with the cash. Mr. P suggested being our own artists instead. I thought, why not? We could draw things that we like and not be dictated by what’s available in the market. And what better stuff to draw than food? The fruits of our labour are now proudly hanging on the walls of our living room wall. Our paintings may not be the most refined, but they certainly embody our creativity and love for food! Can you tell what we’ve drawn? I hope they are self-explanatory…

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