Food hoarding

This is my first time living through a possible flood (not that I really want to experience that). News of Thailand’s worst flood should have made its round around the globe by now. In the Thai capital, people have started stocking up on drinking water and dry food about two weeks ago when it appeared that the city was unlikely to escape the huge deluge of water flowing down from the north. We also started hoarding instant noodles and canned food at home, but just enough to last us for three days or so. We figure that it’s not worth being stranded at home if the water level rises beyond a critical level and the electricity and water supplies have to be cut. We’re now trying to use fresh produce as much as possible for our dinners while saving the canned stuff for a rainy day (no pun intended). So is Bangkok going to be inundated? And if yes, how long will it be? I guess no one can answer that correctly. Here’s a super cute video explaining the flood in Thailand, which I think is much more clearer and useful than what the authorities have said so far.

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