Comfort food: Khai Jiao

Omelettes are comfort food the world over, and it’s amazing how many guises and varieties the humble omelette comes in. My mum loves to fry eggs with French beans, chai por (preserved radish) or onions, while Mr. P loves his khai jiao (Thai-style omelette) to bits. It’s a simple dish, no doubt, but it’s one of those dishes that few people can cook well and deliver with aplomb.

In Bangkok, khao khai jiao (omelette rice) is a convenient, fuss-free breakfast staple for many office workers. Many mornings when I walked down a bustling Soi Asok, I could count at least four khao khai jiao vendors, serving up a styrofoam box of jasmine rice topped with omelette cooked on the spot. Occasionally I would succumb to one if I was in the mood, but I didn’t usually like imbibing oily stuff in the mornings, preferring to reserve this dish for dinners.

One of the aunties in my Sukhumvit 101/1 neighbourhood does a very mean khai jiao though. We will always order a plate of khai jiao muu saap (omelette with minced pork) whenever we visit her restaurant. I suspect it’s her years of experience breaking eggs, plus a piping-hot wok, that allows her to turn out a perfectly formed, fluffy omelette. This article captures the essence of making a good Thai-style omelette.

Mr. P was fixated with making omelette several weeks ago, so I managed to snap a few pictures in the kitchen. Pardon the oil—it’s hard to conjure up omelette magic without sufficient oil—and tuck into the crispy creation.

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