Mad about shrooms: Thai mushroom salad

Thai mushroom salad,  ยำเห็ดMr. P and I adore mushrooms in all shapes and sizes, from portobellos (expensive in this region) to enoki (goodle needle mushrooms) to Narcissus canned mushrooms and anything in between. It’s the only food that we perennially stock up at home because any mushroom gets eaten as quickly as it pops up in our fridge.

Thai mushroomsWhenever we walk through local markets, beautiful mushrooms displayed for sale will get us visibly excited with lots of “oohs” and “aahs”. On Sunday morning, with the intention of making yam het (ยำเห็ด) or Thai mushroom salad, in mind, we headed to our neighbourhood market to check out the fresh mushrooms available and came back with bagfuls.

IMG_0688Straw mushrooms (het fang; เห็ดฟาง) are very common in Thailand, whereas in Singapore it’s more common to see them soaked in brine and sealed up in cans. As a child growing up in the countryside, Mr. P used to forage for straw mushrooms among dried rice stalks — now I finally understand the provenance of its name.

black fungus, het huu nuu, เห็ดหูหนูBlack fungus goes by the name of het huu nuu (เห็ดหูหนู) in Thai, which means mouse’s ears, but IMHO they resemble elephant’s ears more.

Eringi mushroomsEringi mushroom is increasingly common in Thailand as more farmers cultivate them locally, according to Mr. P, and it’s also increasingly found seared in butter and pan-fried in our household.

Thai mushroom salad, yam het, ยำเห็ดSo we washed, sliced and blanched the various fungus, mixed them up with sliced chilli, minced pork, tomatoes and cilantro leaves with spoonfuls of fish sauce, some lime juice and a dash of palm sugar. Then, we went into a mushroom high.

One thought on “Mad about shrooms: Thai mushroom salad

  1. OH Eringi mushrooms are awesome. I am craving for straw mushrooms now,haven’t had it for ages! The asian supermarket has moved so I really should hunt it down and stock up supplies to try this recipe.

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