To a sharper 2013!

Prestige knife setMr. P and I bought a Prestige knife set as a Christmas/New Year gift to spur ourselves onto greater culinary heights. We owned another Prestige knife set actually, but that went with us to Singapore and never came back. We didn’t take very good care of our first set though, resulting in some stain marks on the blades, so we decided to save the hassle of moving the knives across countries again. Having learned our lessons, we have invested in another set, but this time round we intend to handle our new friends in the kitchen with utmost care!

IMG_0797There were other gorgeous, higher quality and more expensive knives of course, but we think our new collection is suffice for now until we attain better skills on the chopping board. The set comprises of five knives—paring, slicing, chef’s, bread and utility—which I think will cater to most kitchen needs.

IMG_0799The only tool missing now? A knife sharpener.

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