about xin

Illustration by Wasinee Chantakorn

From young, my food-loving family has always instilled in me a healthy appetite for eating. Sundays and birthdays were usually spent going around Singapore in my dad’s rickety lorry to look for new places to dine. When I moved away from my parents to live in Bangkok, I started missing our weekly dinners and my mum’s comfort food. At the same time, my then-boyfriend and now-husband Mr. P regaled me with stories about his growing up in the Thai countryside and the eating culture of Isaan (northeast Thailand). In many ways, our humble backgrounds gave us similar experiences and outlooks when it comes to eating: we have daring and non-fussy palates; we don’t like wasting food; and our childhood hunger pangs—and joys—were satisfied with simple food like sticky rice coated with salt (him) and plain rice in water served with a few drops of soya sauce (me). Mr. P has also been instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my interests of writing, photography, cooking and sketching; my culinary adventures, may it be in experimenting new recipes in our small kitchenette or checking out the diverse dining scene of Bangkok, are often undertaken with him by my side. I hope to use this space to document and share my learning journey as I try to improve each and every of my interests.

I can also be found on Twitter and Flickr. And please feel free to drop me a note at liangxinyi[at]gmail[dot]com.

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