Cracking an Indonesian snack

“Is it a mushroom?” Papa ventured as he munched on the cracker, a shrivelled mass of dark brown and black hues.

Mamy reached out for another cracker after having swallowed a couple. “It has a weird smell, like urine,” she said while concentrating on her iPad game.

Meanwhile, Papa was still very intent on guessing the cracker type. After several seconds, he finally said apprehensively, “It’s some animal flesh, right?”

“Yes,” I answered, casting an in-the-know look at Mr. P. We had just introduced this snack to my parents without telling them what it was. “So do you want to give up guessing?”

Both of them nodded.

*Drum rolls* (Stop reading here if you still want to guess what this cracker is made from. Otherwise, continue scrolling.)

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